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Extra Paints Wallrock is a water based emulsion paint for interior and exterior use. It can be applied on cement, brickwork, hardboard, softboard concrete and asbestos surfaces.

Surface Preparation

Mix only with clean water. Stir well before use. Ensure the wall or ceiling surfaces are clean, dry and free of dirt, grease and any other impurities.


Brush - Should always be undertaken using an appropriately sized, good quality synthetic or natural fibre brush compatible with the product being applied.

Roller - This is faster than brush on large even surfaces can be used for the apllication of most decorative paints. Application of paint should only be carried out in good weather conditions.

Storage Advice

This product is water based and must be protected from frost and extreme temperatures. We accept no responsibility for the detoriation of the contents or packaging after this date.

Environmental and Disposal Advice

Do not empty into drains or watercourses. Dispose of contents/container to waste disposal site in accordance with local/national regulations. Containers may be recycled.

Health and Safety

Keep out of reach of children. Ensure good ventilation during application and drying. Ensure paint does not get into eyes, on skin, or on clothing. Use the correct protective and safety wear. If medical advice is needed, have product container or label at hand.

IF ON SKIN: Wash with plenty of soap and water. Do not use solvent thinners or White Spirit. Continue rinsing.
IF SWALLOWED: Call a doctor if you feel unwell.

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